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What's at Stake?

Help us stand up to Betsy DeVos and Ed Gillespie!

There is no bigger election in the country this year than the Virginia gubernatorial campaign - and public education is at the center of the conversation.

Every night families are sitting at kitchen tables talking about their kids, and trying to decide which candidate is going to best support their local public schools.

The choice could not be clearer.

Ed Gillespie is not a friend of students. He is a disciple of Betsy DeVos, and together they are dead set on slashing funding for public education. If they get their way, they will take already scarce dollars away from students in public schools to divert it to private schools.

Their ideas are bad for Virginia and bad for America. That's why we need you to get involved in the fight to elect Ralph Northam!

Ralph Northam is a champion for students, and will always make supporting public schools in every neighborhood his top priority. He will always stand with students, parents. and communities in the face of those who want to destroy public education.

Recent polls show this race is too close to call! We can't take anything for granted. There is too much at stake.